Mini Garden Out of a Reclaimed Wood

Introduction: Mini Garden Out of a Reclaimed Wood

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Hello everyone, here in India most of the lands are transformed into Apartments, Buildings, Industries. People are forgetting the importance of plants and trees which have a great impact in everyday life. As per studies for a family of four members two trees are necessary to breath enough oxygen. I really wanted to grow some vegetables, Tulsi etc in a big pot so I started making a big one of 37*17 inches pot out of waste wood. It took 10 days for me to complete since I did not have the necessary tools. After setting all and wrapping up it turned out to be satisfactory and have sowed few Chilly seeds. Will share the pictures of Chilly plant once it has grown.

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Step 1: Tools and Basic Skeleton Structure

Important tools



Fevicol Glue for wood

Since I had small pieces of wood I merged it with nails and hammer. Just joined one with another to obtain a basic skeleton structure. For further bonding I added wood glue.

Step 2: Covering the Whole Structure With Wood

I actually thought of adding ropes instead of bonding the woods with the basic structure. But after filling the sand I doubted the rigidity of the structure. So instead of hammering the wood I used wooden glue and then fixed it with tape and left for 20 hours.

Step 3: Few More Pictures...

As I said earlier I used paper tapes in order to bond efficiently. I purposefully left small gaps at the bottom for air circulation of plants. At the bottom apart from the initial reaper the new reapers are bonded only with glue. For efficient bonding keep some weight on top of it and leave it for a day.

Step 4: Wrapping Up With a Plastic Sheet

My parents started scolding me that it does not look good though I initially had plans to wrap though. I bought a plastic wrap similar to a wrap that we used to cover car vehicles made of plastic. I got that in green color and wrapped the whole stuff. Actually during that time few reapers were not bonded properly, so after gluing the reapers I covered the whole kept the bag of mud on it and left.

Step 5: Filling With Sand

I filled it with sand and kept two pineapple plants. I have grown pineapple already in my old garden so I am trying here once again. Kept a sapling a climber and yesterday I sowed few Thulasi(Holy Basil) seeds and Chilly seeds. Looking forward to build a big terrace garden soon. Please take time for planting so that you will get green atmosphere, cool surroundings due to evaporation. When plant grows and yields, your heart flourishes too and I am sure you will enjoy and love it since its another living being :) Please feel free to ask me any questions.

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