Mini Grill From Propane Tank Recycled / Mini Parrilla De Un Tanque De Propano Reciclado




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Hi this instructable it's for my mini Grill made from a propane tank one of those used in torch or in camping stoves. Its super compact very useful and uses a lot less charcoal than a regular grill, I grilled a pack of 6 hot Dogs with only Two pieces of charcoal . Watch the video Its in the first step if you don see it you may be watching in your phone via app watch it directly in youtube here

Disclaimer :

This project can be dangerous if you not know what are you doing
use your common sense and extra precautions, drain all the gas use a green key and even before days draining it can smell to gas use water to displace the remaining gas ,also may contain gluten do it at your own risk.

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Hola este instructable es de mi mini parrilla hecha de un tanque de propano de esos usados en los sopletes o en las estufas de camping , super practico y portatil con solo dos pedazos de carbon pude asar un paquete de seis hotdogs. Ve el video si no aparece es por que estas viendo en tu celular visitalo en youtube

Cortar un tanque de propano puede ser peligroso si no se siguen las precauciones adecuadas,use su sentido comun y precauciones extra aun cuando el tanque esta vacio y se purgo durante dias puede contener gas use agua para deplazar el gas restante. Puede contener Gluten Hagalo bajo su propio riesgo.


Step 1: Removing the Safety Valve / Removiendo La Valvula De Seguridad

First purge all the gas letting it out, if you can use a green key to empty all better, after that remove the safety valve the one on the side, i used a piece of brake line with a notch

Primero deja salir todo el gas restante si puedes utilizar una green key mucho mejor ya vacio el tanque procede a quitar la valvula de seguridad la que esta en un costado para quitarla utilize un pedazo de linea de frenos con un surco en el medio

Step 2: Displacing the Remaning Gas / Purgando El Gas Restante

Displacing the remaining gas filling the tank with watter , it forces all the gas out then empty all the water

Purgando el gas restante, llene el tanque con agua para forzar el gas restatnte a salir despues de eso vacie el agua

Step 3: Marking / Marcando

Use a rubber band to mark the line to be cut

Use una liga para marcar la linea a cortar

Step 4: Cutting / Cortando

Cut the tank and smoth the edges

Corte el tanque y lime los bordes

Step 5: SandBlast / Sandblasteado

Maybe the mos tedious part it take almost an hour to remove all the paint to apply oven paint (personal note I need a better sandblast gun)

Esta parte fue la mas tardada y tediosa remover toda la pintura me tomo casi una hora pero necesario para aplicar pintura especial para hornos

Step 6: Hinges / Bisagras

Install the hinges use pop rivets to secure

Instalar la bisagras con remache pop

Step 7: The Grills and Paint / Las Parrilas Y La Pintura

The bottom grill its to support the charcoal and leave air in the bottom this was made froma piece of scrap, the grill for tge food was made by removing the coat of paint from a coat hanger and shaping to the form its restin on the ribets of the hinges

Also drill holes in the bottom to let the air in (sorry forgot to take photo watch in the video)

The paint was aplied only in the oven nit in the grills, this paint its the rustoleum for ovens

La parrilla del fondo es para soportar el carbon y dejar un poco de aire (olvide tomar una foto de las perforaciones en el fondo vea el video ahi si se ve) la parrilla de la comida es sacada de un pedazo de gancho para ropa despues de remover la pintura, doble en la forma y use los remaches para soportarla.

La pintura que use es una rustoleum especial para hornos de parrilla pinte todo menos las dos parrilas

Step 8: Knob and Legs / Perilla Y Patas

a wood knob its needed this thing gets very hot, the legs are also made from a coat hanger remove all the paint from the coat hanger and shape

Una perilla de madera es necesaria esta cosa si que se pone caliente, las patas tambien estan hechas de gancho para ropa primero quitele la pintura

Step 9: Enjoy / Disfrute

I'm almost 90 % vegan XD but when I eat meat I want grilled

Soy casi 90% vegetariano XD pero cuando como carne me gusta a la parrilla

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    2 years ago

    How is the paint holding up to the heat? I know it's grill paint but I have had no luck with high temp paint

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    It's the first time I use the grill paint, and it's holding up very well, I used the rustoleum, I think as with must paints the secret it's in preparing the surface before paint, y that's why I decided to sandblast the surface, any rust or old paint will mess up your work, also don't use any primer with this kind of paint, apply in thin coats at least 3,hope some of this help you


    2 years ago

    Super cool, I got a ton of ideas from your project.
    I think I would have used a torch to get the paint off, but I'm ironic that way.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    That one great mini-grill there. Thanks.

    1 reply