Mini Hand Plane

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Here is the step by step for a mini hand plane

Step 1: Plane Iron

I started with the plane iron. It should be hard and sharpenable. There had to be the last bit of the blade of an old kitchen knife.
With the angle grinder, I roughly cut the shape, always making sure that the material does not get too hot and anneals. The fine grinding was then on the grinding wheel and the last sharpness came from the diamond plate and the honing stone. The result was then 50 mm x 17 mm in size and determined the size of the whole planer.

Step 2: Planer Body

The planer body consists of two blocks, which are glued between two side plates.
The rear block forms the support of the iron and thereby determines the cutting angle. For that I have set 40 °. The width of the blocks results from the width of the iron. I sawn the two blocks from a remainder of Beech and planed them rightly. Then the same for the two side plates. For this I had a rest of plum wood, which forms a nice contrast to the beech. In order to prevent the parts from slipping against each other during processing and gluing, I drilled holes and inserted small dowels. Then the four parts could be glued together.

Step 3: Clamp

To clamp the iron on its support, a pressure piece was provided with a screw.
The pressure piece was shaped like the other parts. The iron should be clamped with a 3 mm screw, which has its counter thread in the pressure piece. For this purpose, the pressure piece was pierced, and on the back of a 3 mm nut was inserted. In order to make the pressure screw manageable, I have filed a small knob from a piece of aluminum, introduced a blind hole with thread, screwed the screw firmly and then sawn off the head.

Step 4: Finish + Assembling

Now missing a small piece of round material as an abutment for the pressure piece and the corresponding holes in the planer body.So all parts were ready for assembly.The setting of the iron is a bit fiddly, and I think the planer mouth should be a bit smaller, but: The little thing actually works!



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    8 months ago

    Good & Simple. Great Instruct able!!! Thanks for sharing.


    1 year ago

    This is great - looks really nice! Thanks for sharing!


    1 year ago

    Very beautiful little tool. You got my vote.

    1 reply