Mini Haunted House- Zombie Apocalypse




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For over 15 years my family and I have built a HAUNTED HOUSE for the neighborhood trick or treaters, here's a link to last years results  This year my insanity overflowed and I decided to do a miniature HAUNTED HOUSE diorama for the entrance and not JUST a HAUNTED HOUSE but a HAUNTED barn as well !  For the barn I decided to emulate a popular zombie show so I needed zombies. Here's how I created them.

 I'm not sure if this would be considered a prop or a decoration, the line between them often fades depending on how it's used. It will be used as a decoration at the entrance to the main HAUNT but it's also a prop adding ambiance to the over all scene

Step 1: 1st Attempt

 Those who know me, KNOW I don't research or plan, I just attack. I found some plastic figures about the right size at the dollar store, grabbed my trusty heat gun and........... ooops..shrinky dink time, NOT what I wanted

Step 2: 2nd Attempt

Ok so that didn't work, I sat down at the table under the tree to enjoy a beverage and there sat a candle (LIGHT BULB) The candle worked pretty well as long as I was careful, I could heat the plastic and pull and twist it, the grotesque faces on the chest where accidental but shhhhh we won't tell anyone ! I then applied a coat of gray primer from a spray can and after that dried went with artist acrylics

Step 3: 3rd Attempt

I found different (slightly larger) figures at a different dollar store, this time I used a hand torch and skipped the gray primer going with just artist acrylics. I also located a small doll to be a child zombie

Step 4: The Barn

The barn was a curb rescue and is still a work in progress, I've used several colors of spray paint to reach this stage including, gray, brown, green and blue. To see the finished piece you'll have to watch for my full HAUNTED HOUSE "ible" coming the end of October 2012

Step 5: The Cast

This HALLOWEEN prop is a work in progress but I needed a place to show the zombies for the pics, there is a lot more planned for the diorama so stay tuned



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