Mini Homemade Pyrographic Tool.




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This Is a simple wood design tool.
you can use this for designing burnt designs on a wood.
PYROGRAPHY TOOL WOODBURNING  is perfect for both novices and users who have long been engaged in burning. This device is used to burn wood, cork and leather surfaces.

Step 1: Things You Need to Make This.

You need 2 numbers of 10ml syringes, and a wooden stick and mobile charger adapter (must have output of not more than 5v and current of 2A, current 2A is must), some nylon thread, hot glue or fast glue, soldering materials.

Step 2: Get Right Size of Wood Stick

Cut a wooden stick of length 5 or 7inches.
cut out the needles from the syringes using cutter or pliers.

Step 3: Fixing Needles on Wooden Stick and Bending

Fix the needles on opposite sides of wooden stick and put some hot glue and run the nylon thread over it to make the needles firmly stick on the wood. Now bend anyone of the needles like an arc or curve shaped. so that it must touch the other one slightly. but in the above image it's not touching but while working with it I will press on slightly to make contact of two pins.

Step 4: Connecting Mobile Adapter Wires to the Pins

solder the adapter wires directly to the pins, even you can make it better by adding a comfortable switch. Wrap the wires using a tape or heatshrink tubes.

Step 5: Working

simply plug your adapter in a wall socket and power it on. If the pins are touching then it should start glowing. Because of high current of 2A and high resistance of the syringe ? needles. Hold the wooden stick when it start glowing and draw on a wood whatever you like. it will start burning the wood on specific areas wherever you drag.

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    you can always use a soldering iron with a pointy nose instead!

    This is how I made an olive tree on my wedding wish book.

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    that won't make up wood burning tool try it.. soldering iron never heats up to 900°c. This tool's point start become red hot. You can see that in the picture.


    Reply 3 years ago

    But it did work for me.
    Below you may see the olive tree I created for my wedding guest book.

    Note I am not a painter and was the first attempt I have ever done to do such a drawing.

    I have to say that it did require some time until the wood turn to black. Due to heat luck as you say. But it worked nicely in my case.

    d004 IMG_8259.jpg

    Reply 3 years ago

    It will not works always soldering irons may work with some kinds of soft wood and some kind of sunmic sheets. as it will be little thin. but this tool can be used to design on most types of wood.


    3 years ago

    Wouldn`t it kill the adapter? I had one dead from a short circuit. They usually burn out...

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    which adapter do you use!?. Can you tell me the model? I did with an adapter of my android tablet. Which has an output of 5v and 2A. 2A current output is must to make the pins red hot. Please follow the steps carefully I have mentioned everything required. The adapter output is always DC so there is no fear of destroying adapter.