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I have always been fascinated with other cultures. I stumbled upon this cool stone sculpture from the peoples of north Canada, Greenland and Alaska (specifically the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit and the Yupik). I was bored and decided to make one. Not having a crane on hand (or boulders - note to self) I thought I would make a mini, 'desk' version.

So here it is!

If you have any suggestions or comments then please comment!


Step 1: What You Need

1. Rocks or pebbles - get some small ones, long ones, and a big one for the head. Wash them if they're dirty and dry them well.

2. Scrap of plywood or a flat rock (base)

3. Glue gun (or superglue, because the glue gun isn't great on stone!)

Remember to put newspaper down!

Step 2: Legs and the Base

It's time to start!

First, make the legs.
Get two small rocks, about the same size and glue them together. I put glue on both rocks and squidged them together.
Unless you are making a weird inukshuk, make two legs.

I found that it was good to glue the legs on the base now, so glue it on, like before. On my first inukshuk I glued it after the whole thing was made which also worked well.

Step 3: Body and the Arms

This is much like the last step.

Traditional inuksuit have a taller body than this one so probably you should use two or three long rocks instead of just one. As with this whole project it will depend on your rocks and sizes etc.

On top of the legs, glue two-three long rocks to form the body. Two more long rocks are needed for the arms. Glue them as shown in the pictures.

Step 4: Head

Just glue the head (the big rock) on!

Your mini inukshuk is complete! If you have any suggestions or ways you made yours better, please comment, and if you have photos please share!



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