Mini Isaac Clarke Helmet From Dead Space [1]

So, I've been itching to make something Dead Space for a while now. My original plan was to make a full size mark 1 helmet from my wifes old BMX helmet. Unfortunately my budget is pretty much zero at the moment so I had to come up with an alternative......And this is it.

The whole build cost me around £3 (I already had the acrylic paints and the Celebrations container was left over from Xmas) I have decided that I will remake this in the near future and maybe a few other iconic helmets, for now though here's how to make Isaac Clarkes helmet out of a Kinder Egg.

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Step 1:

You Will Need

  • Stanley Knife (I prefer something more heavy duty than a craft knife.)
  • Super Glue (I bought the cheepest stuff I could and it was 'okay' next build I will use higher quality stuff)
  • The yellow case from inside a Kinder Egg (I got two to allow for mistakes)
  • A left over plastic sweet container.
  • I made sure all the plasics I used where strong but also resonably easy to bend into new shapes.
  • A cutting mat to work on.

Step 2:

You need to separate the two halves of the Kinder Egg. They are conected with a small plastic hinge. Cut this with you knife. Then remove the thin plasic ring which locks the two halves together. This is hard to do so TAKE YOURTIME with nothing to brace the plastic you could easily cut your self pretty bad.

Step 3:

Now its time to make it more helmet like.

Take the largest of the two halves and cut out a rectangle of plastic.

I removed the depression in the plastic which is ment for your thumb when opening the complete egg. This way it was allready pre marked and mesured.

Again be very careful it's easy to slip and cut yourself or damage the piece your working on.

Step 4:

Next I messured cut the section for the back of the helmet from the lid of the sweet box.

After checking that it fit I then chamfered the edges to a right angle using the edge of my blade so it looked more like the images I have of the helmet.

Curve this piece to a tighter curve than the back of the helmet by rolling it around a pen of anything cylindrical.

I applied glue to the back of the helmet, waited a few minuits till the glue was starting to go off then held the piece in place untill it stuck.

Step 5:

From the top of the sweet container I cut two peices to hold the from grill in place. I used google to find an image showing the side if the helmet and cut out a peice as close to the profile as posible.

I checked the peice for size (remeber you need to have enough room for 4 bars and the gaps on the front grill) then used it as a template to cut out a mirror image.

I then I bent both of these slightly (you can see the white line) and stuck them on either side of the helmet.

Step 6:

Using pictures of the internet as reference I cut out each bar for the front grill.

This was hard, the front of the helmet is a lot more complicated than it first looks.

I curved the plastic using the the same method I did for the peice at the back of the helmet. The only difference was that on the very ends of each peice (about 3mm in) I bent them even further in so they kinda clamped them selves into place.

This stage took the longest. A lot of trail and error. I started from the top first time and found it really hard. Bottom to top didn't work for me either.

In the end I got the top to hold, then the bottom then the two middle pieces.

Step 7:

For the final building stage I cut 6 tiny peices for the detail on the front of the helmet. About 2mm by 4mm. They need to overlap at the top of each bar I found to get the right kind of look.

Step 8:

I left the final build to dry completely for about 3 hours then pained it using acrylic paint.

A dark brown base

Bright orange dry-brushed on

Gun metal silver dry-brushed on

Then the orange again.

I painted my initials in orange on the side of the helmet using the rune alphabet from the game to give it a more personal touch.

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    I just Googled pepakura....I have wanted to know the name of this stuff for ages after seeing in on a Stormtrooper build a while ago.
    Thank you.

    I second that recommendation! Great for building helmets and such while keeping them light weight. Check out my Ibles relating to my Alien Queen to see just how crazy pepakura can get!

    Very nice faux finish on this piece, btw. If only it were full size :)

    Allen Donnisonashleyjlong

    Reply 4 years ago

    thanks forbthe positive comments. Pepakura looks pretty sweet. Certainly gonna look into it.