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Introduction: Mini Jack 'O' Lanterns

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Trick or Treat!!!

I saw the Halloween Decor Contest... So I decided to make an entry... Some of you may remember me from my previous Instructable T-Shirt Bags.

This is my second Instructable... So you can still expect a few downsides from me.

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Step 1: Gathering Required Materials

You will need:

1 Orange

1 Sharp Knife

1 Small Candle

1 Marker Pen(Anything that will be able to write on the sweet lime)

1 Spoon

Cello Tape

Some Petroleum Jelly

2 Hands!!!

Step 2: Getting the Orange Ready

First, cut the Orange on the top like in the image using your knife.

Now use the spoon to scoop all the pulp out... This can be a bit hard.

Then, mark the design you want on your Halloween lantern using a pen.

Then cut out your 'face' (the pen marking) using the knife.

Step 3: Light It Up

Insert your candle inside and burn it.

Over the top that we cut off earlier, on the inside, apply some petroleum jelly to prevent it from burning.

Replace the top...

Step 4: Replace the Top

The vaseline covered top has to be placed on the big open end to complete the project... You can seal it if necessary, but I prefer not to seal it in case i have to replace a candle or replace a battery.

Step 5: Enjoy

Your Mini Jack 'O' Lanterns are ready... Use them as decoration or take them out for Trick or Treating!!!

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