Mini Knex 4 Legged Walking Robot




Introduction: Mini Knex 4 Legged Walking Robot

About: I like to build. I've been playing and experimenting with lego and knex since I was 5. My username uses to be AliveGuest123, now its Forgotten_Memories

This is a much simpler and easier version of my other walker. It also contains less pieces and it is smaller.
It is inspired by:
and based off my other creation:

( Note: this works better on surfaces that are rubber/leather like. Smooth surfaces won't be effective. )

Parts list:
‌• 1 Motor
‌• 4 Purple Connecters
‌• 6 White/Bladk half rods
‌• 1 Red rod
‌• 1 Yellow Rod
‌• 4 Blue Rods
‌• 2 Green connectors
‌• 2 White snowflake connectors
‌• 6 Grey spacers
‌• 8 Blue spacers
‌• 6 small green connectors
‌• 6 purple/grey connectors ( orange connector in half )
‌• 6 orange connectors
‌• 2 Black rod/connector
‌• 2 Black gears
‌• 4 neon pieces ( to stop spacers from falling off )

Step 1: The Body.

First aquire the pieces as shown. Create the 2 models as shown and attach them to the motor, along with a yellow rod with 4 spacers.
After that, attack a white/black half rod to the purple connectors. Attach them to the yellow rod.

Step 2: The Back Legs.

Add a red rod to the back of the bosy. Add 4 grey and 2 blue spacers the rod.

Step 3: The Back Legs ( 2 )

Make a popsicle looking shape as shown ( with the orange connector and the purple/grey half connectors ).
After, attach a white/black half rod and a orange connector as shown.
Attach a blue spacer, blue rod and neon pieces on.

You should end up with a hinge, this will be one of the legs. Now make another one, but symmetrical ( you can build the same model, than flip it over. )

Step 4: Front Legs

This is a very simple part.

Aqquire a green connector and attach a grey/purple grey connector as shown. Make 2 of these.
Attach them to the front of the body, than add a grey spacer and attach a neon piece. Do this on the other side.

Step 5: Attaching the Back Legs

Watch carefully for this step!

With the neon pieces facing inwards, attach the hole in the orange connector in the rod rod.
After, attach the blue rod to the green connector. Do this on the other side.

Step 6: Final Touches

Add a black rod/connector on the red rod to make the legs not fall off.
After, add a white rod and a black gear on the front ( optional )

Step 7: Updates

This step is about the updates and mistakes of the model. These can include something I forgot to mention or adding some extra parts.

-Add the blue spacer between the purple and the orange connector instead. Do this on the other leg

-Add neon pieces to the joints of the back legs as shown.

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    3 years ago

    This walks almost exactly the same as the video.


    4 years ago

    Cool eslker