Mini Knex Double Barrel Shotgun



About: I like to make knex guns, swords, and medieval artillery, I sometimes draw, play music, and Mod nerf guns.

Hello, I haven't posted anything knex in a while, so I decided to post this thing. I pretty much threw it together, so don't expect anything amazing.

Step 1: Barrel

Take a yellow rod. Put 6 red connectors all same orientation on it. Then put 2 yellow(same orientation as reds). Then put the trigger(orange connector with white rod and green rod on it) onto the rod, and 2 more yellow connectors. Repeat twice. Connect the 2 with green rods in back and front.

Step 2: Handle just look at the pic

Step 3: Handle + Barrel(s)

Use the little nubs of the yellow rods to connect the 2 green pieces on the handle to the barrel(s)

Step 4: Ram Rod(s)

.... so ez

Step 5: Rams + Barrels

put the rams in the holes and rubber band as shown

Step 6: Optional Little Things

Look at the pics(the first one forces you to fire both at once)

Step 7: Loading and Firing

Put 3 green rods in each barrel after pulling back ram, then push triggers away from centre to fire



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