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About: Well I'm the kinda guy that doesnt bother with About Me's but if I must: -I do alot of model building and airbrushing -I try to make/do anything i think is cool -I'm currently in Grade 9

This is my first intructable so go easy on the comments plz. a simple yet effective gun. shoots black or white rods or paper rolls

Step 1: Collect Materials

look at the pic.

Step 2: Ramming Rod

connect orange connector to blue rod

Step 3: Barrel and Trigger

use 5 grey stoppers and 1 red triangle connector and put together by following pic.

Step 4: Trigger Cont.

add small green rod to the end of the red traingle follow pic.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

put the ramming rod thru the barrel . follow pic.

Step 6: Rubber Band

put the rubber band around the gun . follow pic.

Step 7: Shooting.

pull the ramming rod by the connector. it shoud click into place and the red traingle should jamm the rod follow pic. put the ammo in the barrel follow shoot push the green rod backwards. hold oit by the grey barrel or it will hurt your finger. shoot away!!!!!!!!



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8 years ago on Introduction

should i make instructions for this

it doesn't require a lot of pieces and works really well!

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An Villain

9 years ago on Introduction

if you insert a snapper into the barrel then block it with tape or something it can be a starting pisol, but that can be said of a lot of guns.

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DJ Radiochosenangelx

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

"first instructable" is not an excuse anymore. You could try looking at the good knex guns (go to explore>rating>knex), and get your inspiration off them.