Mini LED




Introduction: Mini LED

This is an LED inside of a chapstick tube.

Step 1: Materials


1. Chapstick Tube

2. 3.5 Volt LED

3. N Battery

4. N Battery Holder

5. Tactile Switch

6. Heat Shrink Tubing

7. Wire

8. Solder

9. 470 Ohm Resistor

Step 2: LED

Solder your resistor to the shorter end of your LED. Once you do this, apply the heat shrink tubing to the lead with the resistor. Heat until the tubing is tight around the lead. Then place the two leads through the pink chapstick holder. Solder the coil end of the battery holder to the resistor lead. Solder the other end of the LED to the other end of the batty holder. Make sure there is enough room for the battery to sit between the two ends. Make sure you test the LED with the battery throughout the process so you are sure it works.

Step 3: Switch

This is the switch you use for the light. You need to cut a hole in the bottom of the chapstick tube and make sure the switch is snug in the hole. Then solder the two ends of the battery holder onto the leads of the switch. Make sure there is enough room for the battery to fit between the two ends of the holder.

Step 4: Assembly

When assembling the light, place the LED on the end where the chapstick comes out. Place the battery in next. Then position the other end of the battery holder so it will always be touching the battery (this is important because the battery will not have power unless this happens). Then place the other end of the chapstick tube back on the tube. Test throughout this process.

Step 5: Test

Once you have tested then you are finished. Some issues that arose with mine were the leads on the LED breaking, the battery holders not touching the ends of the battery and the wires attached to the battery holder not being long enough. Just keep those in mind. Enjoy!

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