Mini LED Lantern

Introduction: Mini LED Lantern

How to Build A Mini LED Lantern

To build a mini LED lantern you need:

-a short piece of rope

-2 popsicle sticks

-clear ball (split in two)

-LED light (any color)


-2 wires (with stripped ends on both sides)


-copper tape

-3 volt coin cell battery

-small piece of cardboard

-hot glue gun (with glue stick)



-soldering iron and solder


Step one: Use the sharpie to trace a rectangle to fit the bottom part of the switch. Drill. Then, put the switch in.

Step two: Add the two wires to the switch. Solder the wires to the switch. Positive wire is middle wire in switch.

Step three: Connect the resistor to the negative wire. Solder.

Step four: Connect the resistor to the positive side of the LED. Solder.

Step five: Connect the negative side of the LED to the negative side of the battery with copper tape.

Step six: The positive wire is connected to the positive side of the battery with copper tape. The light should turn on.

Step seven: Flip the switch and the light should turn off.

Step eight: Hot glue the other half of the ball to the bottom half.

Step nine: Hot glue the popsicle sticks one either side of the ball.

Step ten: Hot glue the ends of the rope to the popsicle sticks and the cardboard on the bottom.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a fun little light! Thanks for sharing. If you have more pictures, I love to see them!