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Introduction: Mini Leather Books

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This Instructable shows how to make mini leather bound books with materials around the house. It's fast, easy, and a lot of fun.

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Step 1: BoM

Leather scraps

Leather thread/cord

Epoxy, hot glue & gun, super glue

Ruler, pencil, and a cutting tool

Cardboard, cardstock, paper

Metallic markers, charms, other embellishments

Step 2: Leather Cover

Last year I bought a pack of leather scraps, so I looked through what I have and selected a few of the more flexible and smaller scraps. Then I cut the scraps into even pieces that would make at least 1-1.5" size books.

Then I measured out cardboard and cardstock pieces that could fit inside in the leather and glued them in.

Step 3: Inside Paper

I have a lot of handmade paper that I got in a mix pack from A.C. Moore but sadly none of the pieces seemed appropriate for the inside of my mini books, so I used a tan sheet of paper. I traced the cardboard on the paper to make sure I cut the right size for each book. I want the paper to fit inside, so I cut it a little shorter than the height of the cardboard. Each piece I folded in half and then clipped together with a binder clip. Then I used hot glue to secure the paper into the middle of each book.

Step 4: Embellishments!

Decorate your books with permanent metallic markers (great for making pages look worn), charms, and anything else you can think of! These books are small enough (or could be made smaller) to wear as earrings, a pendant, or a charm on a bracelet.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    could this be made bigger, into, say, and actuall journal?


    Reply 3 years ago

    I would probably make some changes, like binding the pages ( and then either use binding glue (Amazon) or stitching to attach the pages to the leather.