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Hi guys! My first Instructable here! It's a Lego Gun I made. It can shoot about 35 feet away,about 10 m. I hope you'll like it and let's get straight to the Instructable!
(Sorry for the bad English I have, I'm not from England either USA and, also, about the photos, aren't so good)

Step 1: Parts Needed

I think the photo says everything. I also don't know the name of the parts. The photos in the next steps will say everything and there will be no description in them.

Step 2: The Begging

Step 3: Near... to the Start

Step 4: Not So Hard in Deed...

Step 5: Yeahhh... Easy

Step 6: Take It Easy...

Step 7: Small Parts...

Step 8: Unify Them...

Step 9: Add to the Big Base...

This step it's harder to understand than the others.

Step 10: Another Part...

Step 11: Small Parts... Again!

Step 12: Get 'em On!

Step 13: Nearly Done This Part...

Step 14: Again... Stick Them Together...

Step 15: Aaand... Done!

Step 16: Add the Rubber Band...

This step is harder to explain, that's why a added 3 photos. In words I could not, in photos, maybe...

Step 17: How to Load and Shoot...

Fold the barrel of the gun in and lock it with the three-studed part with a peg in. Add ammunition on top of it... and shoot by pushing to the side that three-studed part which holds the folded barrel. The gun will shoot about 10 metres away.

Step 18: Done!

Congrats! You finnished it!
I hope you like the it and, once again, this was my first Instructable.

I would like to see photos of your version!

Bye! See you at my next Instructable!

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3 years ago

Hi, guys! I haven't posted in a while, I want you to leave me some of your Lego ideas, because I haven't got one!
As fast as possible...


Reply 4 years ago

Good luck! I hope you can understand thr photos! ;) :D