Mini Lego Helicopter

Introduction: Mini Lego Helicopter

How to create a simple mini helicopter out of legos.

Step 1: Build the Base

Use a flat 4x4x1/2 lego as the base of the helicopter. add a clear 2x1x4 piece to the front middle of the base. This will be the windshield of the helicopter. Place one 2x1x1 lego on top of a 2x1x1 lego with circular protrusion, and add both to the opposite side of the base as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Add the Legs

Place one 2x1x1 lego on the top center of each 6x1x1 long legos, and attach the top of each 2x1x1 lego to the bottom of the base, along the length of the helicopter.

Step 3: Attach Top of Helicopter

Place two 2x1x1/2 flat lego pieces side-by-side on top of the center of a long 6x2x1/2 lego rectangle. Affix the bottom of the long rectangle to the top of both the clear windshield and the two stacked lego pieces, connecting the front and back of the helicopter and giving it a roof.

Step 4: Attach Tail and Rotors

Connect two 1x1x1 cylindrical lego pieces head-to-tail and place on the protruding piece on the back of the helicopter. Place two 4x1x1/2 lego pieces side-by-side on the very top of the helicopter.

Step 5: Add Tail Rotor, Finishing Touches

Add a 1x1x1 angular brick to the back of the tail of the helicopter and the windmill piece as the tail rotor. An angular brick could not be obtained for the picture but i have include an image of what it should look like. The helicopter is complete! feel free to add any touches such as a seat and controls or pilot to your mini helicopter.

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