Mini Lego Transformers: Ultimum Finem


Introduction: Mini Lego Transformers: Ultimum Finem

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As yous peoples know, I am a nerd. Which is why I built a Ster Trek inspired transformer. It's not the Enterprise, but I think we can all agree that Star Fleet would eventually have used something like this. But enough talk on my part. You came here to see a transforming spaceship... with a twist!

Step 1: Robot Mode

Yes, this guy turns into something that would either be found by the crew of the ship or be somewhere on the crew of the ship. Aww, don't look so disappointed. You will be happy to hear that the next step is not, in fact, a typo.

Step 2: Robot Mode

Yes, he has two robot modes. No, it is not the first transformer to ever do this (punch/counterpunch). Both modes, I feel, represent what Star Trek is supposed to be: equal parts humanoid and alien.

Step 3: Assembly

With that, I bid you adieu, and as always, hope u njoyed!




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Really cool man

Nice my dad will love this.

Can u guess what startrek movie this phrase is from?: KHAAAAAAAN KHAAAAANNNN!!!!

My dad knows it.

1 reply

This build looks great :) great job;)