Mini-Living Room Diorama

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This is how you make a Mini-Living Room by using objects you would normally throw away.

Step 1: Cutting the Box and Adding Wallpaper and Carpeting

(I recommend using a box with the flaps on the top, so you can just
snip them off, whereas if you have a long box with the flaps on the sides, you'll have to glue them together to make a wall.) Cut off one face of the box, then on the opposite side, a rectangular to make the window. Cutting off the top is optional, it just depends on whether you want the room to be darkened and just brightened by the window, or airy. To make the wallpaper, I used blue construction paper, measuring the walls and space taken by the windows. I use liquid cement to glue things, because school glue only does so much, and crazy glue dries too quickly. Be careful with liquid cement, because it's extremely flammable,

To make the carpeting, I used rough, red cloth, which worked really well, but any other kind of cloth, even soft, works great.

Step 2: Adding Glass and Curtains

Adding glass is optional. Any kind of plastic will do. But I used
glass from a tiny broken picture frame. To my surprise, it fit perfectly! I glued it to the cardboard. I thought the window looked terribly bare, so I added pretty curtains. To make the curtain rod, I used a red straw, and cut it lengthwise to the window, then took two pearls from a broken necklace and glued them to the straw. I took some red lace cloth and cut two strips, gluing them to the straw. I then glued those to the top of the window, and the window looked so much better!

Step 3: Extras: a Lacy Table, a Lamp, and a Wall Mirror

I decided to furnish my room with a few extra items. I made a wall
mirror out of a few scraps of cardboard, leftover aluminum foil, and sparkly scarlet nail polish. The lacy table is made of a top of a Gerber jar, the tube from the aluminum foil, some lace, and a little silky, white cloth. The lamp was actually an empty nail polish and this white foamy-thing that I think was from phone packaging, and creamy-looking nail polish. Wall Mirror: Slip a rectangle of aluminum foil over the cardboard piece. Paint frame first, let dry, then glue over aluminum. Then attach to one wall. Lacy Table: Cut a few inches of the tube and glue under Gerber top. Then cut white cloth and glue over Gerber top. Lastly, glue lace to sides of Gerber top. Lamp: Remove brush and ensure all remaining bits of nail polish are dry. Paint with the desired color and glue the foamy-thing to the back of the polish jar's neck, making the lampshade appear as though it's not touching the lamp.

Step 4: Added Toy Furniture

These are some add-ons, and unfortunately, I can’t show how they were made because I didn’t make them.

But they look good anyway.



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    7 months ago

    This diorama was actually inspired by one of my favorite books I read when I was little, called Look-Alikes. I was always fascinated by how everything fit so perfectly and looked so realistic.

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