Necromancer's Club With Hiding Scpace (Gothic)

Introduction: Necromancer's Club With Hiding Scpace (Gothic)

About: I am just a nature loving, fantasy cherishing, vegan & raw food eating, stuff inventing, junk hoarding, recycling, steampunking, staff spinning ..ordinary guy.

Need to hide tiny artifacts? Sacred bones? Wands? Letters? Scrolls? Flash drives?

This mini mace can be well used as a protection but it's mainly purpose is to hide or protect things and for larping and cosplay.

Personally I needed something like sheath for ..well this staff thing, here's a quick link in case of you're interested in Bo staffs - LINK

And as you can propably see, both ends glow in the dark.

Caution: Learn the laws in your country before you start making weapons!

i: i'll be making more things like this, so follow me here on Instructables or Youtube if you like :)

Tools and stuff:

a metal or plastic pipe

some grommets

2 leather or eco-leather belts

glow in the dark material

2 corks


a drill

a hacksaw





and glue

Step 1: The Pipe

I think you already understand the concept so let's get to work. Get a pipe and cut it as long as you need to. Decide what you want to hide. I've choosed 32 cm long, 1,8 cm in a diameter steel hollow pipe.

Coating has been removed with a scissors and sandpaper. Took me for ages but the result is what's matters - nice and shiny piece of steel.

You can scrape it all off but it will be best if the handle stay coated, because we'll be using glue.

Step 2: Beating End

I'm using a black leather (real one for this part) you know, cause we're making this thing for a necroancers?

So, i've cut a rentangle about 6 cm x 7-8 cm (pipe's diameter),drilled holes into it and added grommets (brass coated, so after some time it will be silver color)

Glue it to the pipe. Use a lots of glue.

Then you can see i've just cut a leather strip glued it over the gap. Another two strips are glued around edges (on the leather) ...And after that i've cut two T shaped pieces of leather and glued them where the joint is.

Step 3: The Handle

Get a beltand cut off the buckle, we'll not gonna need it. And start wrapping the belt around the pipe. Use glue for every inch and spare no expense. If you are really thinking about using it as a daily protection, put screws there to be sure that the belt is not gonna fall off.

X-acto knife is a very great tool. Used it to cut off the belt exactly around the edge.

The rest of the belt has been cut into two strips (one has holes already punctured so use it as a template for the other one).

And as before add grommets.

Step 4: Cork Stoppers

Depending on what you wanna hide choose a stopper (wood, pvc...).

Corks are great for this purpose. The one at the "beating end" is glued, the other is not. Instead it has been cut into shorter lenght and a leather strip covers it so it's not visible.

Step 5: ​Glow in the Dark

All good necromancers love stuff that glows. And if it glows green that's even better.

I've bought this glow in the dark modelling clay. After you make you what want you just put it in an oven and it gets very hard. Well, nothing too complex.

Make two domes, bake them and glue them onto the corks.

Here is a link to search google for this material.- LINK -

Step 6: The Hanger

Decided to make a hanger for it. After all, this is almost like a real mace and we'll need to hang it in case we need to.

So it's time to destroy another belt. I quess it's pretty clean how to make it if you look at photos (and i don't know how to describe it anyway, maybe like... cut this and glue that... You know.

If you don't want it you can just take it off fast, i'm using two leather strips at once with a simple (not granny) knot.

And ..quess we're finished. Remember: Do not hurt good guys. Bad guys only. Also before you start swinging it around, test the handle and just everything if it holds good.

Take care guys and have a nice day crafters!

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    5 years ago

    Nice build and well presented. Caution: Billy clubs are illegal in most major cities


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, and good remark. Edited and added a warning. Sort of.