Mini Madea


Introduction: Mini Madea

This is my 14 month old daughter Journi. My parents use to dress me up as a little old lady when I was younger so I thought, Why not continue the tradition. I used my moms shirt to make a dress, my grandmothers wig and pearls, some old toddler glasses that I removed the lenses out of and pillow stuffing for her lovely lady lumps! and what do you know, we have Mini Madea!!! Happy Halloween!!

P.s. Go and check out the movie, its AWESOME!!



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    4 Discussions

    just love it she looks so sweet

    an oversized onsie

    socks stuffed with pillow stuffing for her boobs

    an old pair of spandex shorts stuffed with pillow stuffing

    my moms shirt is her dress with elastic around the waist to make her have an hour glass shape LOL and she is wearing my grandmothers wig and pearls

    Adorable! I've got a little girl that looks about the same age. This is a perfectly cute and silly little costume. Love it :)