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Ever wanted to blast a mini marshmallow at something, like a tree, an apple, a paper target, that squirrel that keeps tearing up your yard (forget that last one)? Well now is your chance! This is a very simple project that requires only a saw and PVC pipe. The mini marshmallows are soft enough that you can blast people with them without worry of getting hurt, just please don't aim at the eyes or face. This is my first instructable, tell me how you like it or where I can improve!

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Step 1: Pieces

This is a very easy project, that requires at least a 40 inch piece of 5/8 inch PVC pipe, two PVC tees, two PVC elbows, and two PVC caps. You need to cut the pipe as follows:

  • 4 inch (x4)
  • 8 inch (x2)
  • 6.5 inch

They pieces no not need to be perfect, feel free to adjust them how you want!

Step 2: 4 Inch Pieces

Stick two of the 4 inch pieces into an elbow, and the other two into the PVC caps.

Step 3: 8 Inch Pieces

Put the two 8 inch pieces into one of the tees, making sure they in the right places (see picture). Stick the other tee on one of the ends, again making sure it is in the right place.

Step 4: The 6.5 Inch Piece

The reason I make this piece exactly 6.5 inches is because it fits me perfectly, but find out what length works for you. Put the 6.5 inch piece into the PVC elbow, then stick the other end into the tee on the 8 inch piece.

Step 5: Bringing It All Together

Put the two capped 4 inch pieces into the elbow and first tee. Put the other 4 inch part into the middle tee.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Into terms of function, you're done! Now you can paint it, or put a, electrical tape design on it like I did (see first picture). One last thing, I do not suggest gluing the pieces in place, it will be a pain to clean it and if you ever get a marshmallow stuck in it, you wont be able to get it out. Now all you have to do is stick a mini marshmallow into the end and give it a good blow! Have a happy time blasting marshmallows!

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago


    From: Moose_ParDiers

    Instructable Analysis, Mini Marshamllow Blaster!

    Date: March
    29, 2017

    Congratulations on your first post! We’re responding to your
    request for feedback on your instructable.


    Overall, we find your instructable very fun! We like your
    logical flow. From step to step, it is clear why you are performing that step
    at that time, and to what avail. It is very good that you identify all the
    pieces to the mini marshmallow blaster because distinguishing between the
    pieces is very important later on when you go into detail about the assembly.
    The pictures work very well with the instructions for each step. They show
    exactly what needs to be done in the step, no more and no less. The pictures
    themselves are easy to see with the contrast between the wood and white pipes.
    Your conclusion at the end provides some useful information, but we would
    recommend mentioning not gluing the pieces together at the beginning. By the
    time the reader gets there, he may have already glued the whole thing together,
    and that’s what you’re trying to prevent!

    Your titles are very confusing to the reader. They are not
    telling of what the entirety of the step entails. They only list the pieces
    that will be used. Upon first reading, we thought that the title of the step
    implied that we should be collecting additional materials. We would recommend
    that you move these piece sizes to the body of the subsequent steps. While
    reading, the flow from step one to the rest of the steps is very abrupt.
    Consider putting in a transition of some sort at the end of step one to inform
    the reader that they will begin assembling the blaster. This would make it clearer
    that the reader is beginning assembly of the blaster.

    Another confusing part is in the step collecting all the
    pieces. Mentioning that a saw may be involved is slightly confusing when the
    reader may have already collected the properly sized pieces, and he does not
    need a saw if the pieces are already the correct size. Leaving out the saw
    might be a better choice, or mentioning it as a means to collect the pieces
    would be clearer.

    A simple word at the end mentioning HOW to use the blaster
    would help. The only way we figured out how to use the blaster was through a
    comment you wrote to another reader at the bottom of the page.


    Change every title to clarify what is happening in the step,
    add a transition between step one and the rest mentioning the beginning of
    assembly talk about glue in the beginning to prevent happy accidents, and talk
    about how to use the blaster at the end. Make these few minor adjustments and
    there will be kids everywhere with a mini marshmallow blaster of their own.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I never needed a straw to make or use the blaster. There should be two openings on the finished project, one pipe to blow out of, and the other is where the marshmallow flies out of. I hope this answers your question.