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Introduction: Mini Marshmallow Gun

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i wasn't sure how well this was gonna shot before making but after i was really surprized how well it shot. Use mini marshmallows to shot out of it. The fresher the marshmallows the better. Also the bigger mini marshmallow the better. The cost of this project was pretty cheap and needed little tools to make. i added tape to make mine look better also added a paracord to it as sling. Yes the marshmallows shot going down then out the front, the caps force the marshmallow out the barrel.

Shoots 10 mphs

shoots up to 50 feet.

COST- cheap

TIME- minimal

TOOLS- minimal


use this stuff

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

jig saw

sharpee marker


sand pape

2 feet pvc pipe 1/2 inch

2 1/2 t pvc connector

2 L pvc connectors

2 1/2 in pvc end caps

tape or paint


Step 2: Measure and Cut PVC Pipe

Take your 1/2 inch pvc pipe and start measuring.

1 piece 7 inches long

5 pieces 3 inches long

i used a ruler and marker to make the markings at the measurements

stated above.

then i used a jig saw to cut the pvc you could also use a hand saw.

make sure to cut them straight.

sand down the ends

Step 3: Assemble

once you have your pieces cut and sanded you can start putting it together. Looking at the final product will help you be able to put it together. The long 7 inch peace is the barrel add a T connector to that with the 3 inch pieces in the other sides. Then your other T connector to make the mouth piece part. one of the 45 connectors will be for the mouth piece. the other 45 will be used as part of the handle. i added tape to mine to look cool. camo color this is optional along with adding a paracord sling for carryiing it. ive shot this up to 50 feet pretty cray.

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    That looks like it'd be a huge amount of fun to play with! I'd love to see some picture of it shooting, video would be even more awesome.