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It is a long story of this bike to tell. In short, this is a no-owner-bike. Everyone in the house, including the employers uses it, but no one is willing to clean it. It has been abandoned for a year with flat rear tire until I decided to own it and pimp it last week. I have to admit that pimping a bike is tiresome. The fun side is it keeps me thinking :D Replacing the inner tube of my rear wheel, I can't bear staring at the dirt sticking on the cassette (group of gears) for years. It must be dry grease and dirt compound that hard to remove with a toothbrush. And also the rust inside the rim. Using sand paper on that spot is just giving more pain on your fingers.

Well, a toothbrush shape metal brush for cleaning stove is sold in the hardware store for only a dollar or so. But you know me -- a lazy person who thinks and works hard to enjoy laziness -- I am too lazy to go to hardware store and I prefer make one by myself :D

Step 1: I Have the Ingredient Around Me

It is simply a bunch of 24-25 AWG (0.5 mm in diameter). I think it was from a wire mesh.

Step 2: Size

I cut 15 pieces of 5 inches each. I will fold them into half, so you can make any longer to reach the unreachable spots.

Step 3: The Fold

Twist a short piece of wire at the center and fold the wires. So we fold the 15 wires to 30.

Step 4: The Handle

I twist the short wire around and down at about one inch (ups.. is it down or up? You tell me :D ). Twist it tight. It is the handle now.

Step 5: Make It Blossom

Arrange the wires wider and leave some space between wires.

Step 6: Trim It

Now trim the wire one by one so that we have a flat surface at wires' end. Beware of the jumping wires. Always use goggles for safety. Face it downward so that the cut off wires do not hit your face.

Step 7: Brushing Time

Now you can remove sticky dirt and rusty rim. Well.. not that shiny but much better with less power :)



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    2 years ago

    That is a good idea. It also enlarges the handle and makes better grip ;)


    2 years ago

    You might add a bamboo handle. Just glue the brush in a shallow hole to one side of a small bamboo stick. That would make it a more handy tool.