Mini Molotov Cocktail


About: What do you call a spoon, knife and fork? a...... SPIFRK! Meaning of life right there.

When all chaos erupts and when stuffed animals rebel, what do you need? A mini molotov cocktail!

Yes, you heard me correct. Small, compact and light, this mini build will take no time to make!

Lets get making!

(this molotov cocktail is fake and does not have any flammable liquids inside the bottle)

****I do not endorse the making of molotov cocktails OR the usage and damage they cause. The bottle was cool so I decided to make a FAKE mini one for show.****

Step 1: Removing the HOT SAUCE!


-Mini tabasco sauce bottle. (I got mine from a friend)


As sad as it seems. Either use all the sauce or dump it. I dumped the remaining bit...:O

Step 2: Removing the Label:


-your emptied tabasco sauce bottle.


-Remove the label by any means possible.

-Remember to take all the goopy stuff off.

Step 3: G Is for Glue....


-Some glue.


-Pour some glue into the bottle to form the flammable liquid.

-Wipe off any extra glue on the sides.

Step 4: The Wick


-Small bit of white cloth.


-Cut a strip of cloth to be the wick.

-Push the cloth inside into the glue with a toothpick.

Step 5: Colour the Wick




-With red, orange and yellow colours, draw the smouldering smouldering wick.

Step 6: Stickers


-Three "x" stickers.


-Put the ''x" stickers on the bottle like so...

Step 7: Let Dry




-Now, let the glue dry.

-Tilt the bottle to get a nice, tilted effect when it gets thrown.

Step 8: Done

Now, your molotov Cocktail is finished and you can rule the stuffed animal kingdom!

(But beware, The rise of the apes and monkeys are coming.....)

Step 9:



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