Mini Notebook

Introduction: Mini Notebook

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Okay, so, there are a bunch of mini-notebooks you can make, but today we will be making a cat notebook!


  1. 4 sheets of printer paper (or lined paper, your choice)
  2. one sheet of colored paper
  3. stapler
  4. sharpie
  5. scissors
  6. colored markers (optional)

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Step 1: Pages

First, fold your one sheet of paper into 4ths, then cut along the bottom. Repeat for all printer papers. Stack all of them on top of one another.

Step 2: Assembly

Repeat step one for the colored paper and set aside half. Place the printer paper inside.

Step 3: Ears and Face

Staple on the inside. Cut two triangles out of the extra half of colored paper and glue on the top like ears. Add a cute face. You are done!

Step 4: Optional: How to Draw the Face

First, make a big circle, then draw two tiny circles inside. Fill in the big circle. Leave tiny ones blank. Repeat for both eyes. Draw a triangle with rounded points. Draw a semi-circle coming off of both sides. Draw a tongue shape and a line vertically.

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