Mini Office Basketball Hoop

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Intro: Mini Office Basketball Hoop

This is a mini basket ball net you can use in your office or at you desk. It is incredably easy to make!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:
-1 Small piece of cardboard
-Duct tape( colored)
-3 minutes

Step 2: The Backboard

-Cut a square/ rectangle from the card board with the scissors any size you want. (Mine was 4in. by 5in.)

Cover with ducttape (or any thing else you want)

Step 3: The Hoop "rim"

Take a sheet of tin foil and roll it up (see picture 1)

Wrap it in the shape of a horse shoe (see picture 2) and tape it in the front of the backboard.

Tape to any surface. Now you have the Baketball net

Step 4: Tha Basketball

For a basket ball you can either roll up paper or tin foil in a ball. Have fun!



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