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Intro: Mini Origami Book

Learn how to make a cute little book using modular origami.

Modular origami uses 2 or more sheets of paper to form a larger model.

This miniature book is a great gift which you can customise to your hearts content!

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • 7 pieces of 15.24 x 7.6cm paper for the pages.
  • 1 sheet of 15.24 x 7.6cm paper for the cover (different colour)

Instead you can use any size square paper.

I will show you how to cut it to the right proportion.


  • Glue.

Step 2: Follow the Tutorial

To get a paper cutter like mine:

A fancier paper cutter:

For more info and pics click here:

Step 3: Make a Bookcase

Now that you have made a book, make loads more and then you will need something to store them in.

You can find the video tutorial for the bookcase, here.

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Free origami paper at Paper Crystal:

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