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Introduction: Mini PVC Crossbow

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This instructable will demonstrate on how to make your very own mini pvc crossbow. This crossbow is simple yet powerful enough to shoot 60 feet with reasonable accuracy.

What you will need

- A 11 inch long piece of 3/4 inch pvc pipe

- A 2 inch by 2 inch piece of a firm and hardy wood that is 9 inches long

- Some wooden dowel

- String or rope of any kind that does not stretch

- I used some different finer rope to lash the bow to the stock

- Duct tape ( to fletch the bolts)

- Hot Glue


- File

- Heat gun or other heat source to flatten pvc

- Saw

- Sand paper

Step 1: Carving Trigger Notch

Once you have your piece of wood ready mark at the center of it and make a vertical cut a quarter of an inch deep then another cut on 45 degree angle. This creates the trigger notch. Next you drill a hole straight down the middle of the notch with a drill the size of your dowel. Also about an inch and a half from the prod make a hole through the side for dowel to strap the bow from.

Step 2: Creating the Bow

Now grab your pvc and heat it with your heat source. I used an electric heat gun however if you do not have access to this you could also use an electric stove.Once the pvc pipe is soft then squish it with a piece of wood. Keep the wood down firmly by kneeling on it, you will have to continue pressing down on it for about 5 minutes so that when you take the wood of it has cooled into shape. Next you mark the across the center of the pvc and then the opposite way mark it again and cut down the lines to give the pvc a triangular look. Then carve small notches into the ends of the pvc.

Step 3: Strapping the Bow

Now take your finer rope and wrap it onto the dowel and back and forth from the dowel to the front of the bow. then tie the rope off onto the dowel. Then use your string to string the bow.

Step 4: Making the Trigger

Cut a piece of dowel that is about an inch longer than the depth of the wood and this becomes your trigger as it goes through the hole and is pushed up to release the string.

Step 5: Constructing the Bolt

Next cut a 5 inch long piece of dowel and use your duct tape to fletch it. You can use a knife or even a pencil sharpener the sharpen your bolt. Now you are ready to shoot if necessary carve a groove into the wood from the prod to trigger to stabilize the bolt. Place the bolt on and the push up the trigger and watch the bolt rocket away.

Thank you.

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    you will need to heat it you can even use a stovetop but make sure it is electric as an open flame will cause the pvc to burn. Sorry for the late reply


    4 years ago on Introduction

    i really like this look and function of these crossbows. very similar to the backyard bower but you made each step very detailed. Great job! i will be putting this on my "i would kill for one of those" list.

    Thats is a good idea but you would have to be careful about the size of the screw, to large and it could become the beginning of a crack leading to a weakinging of the pvc


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Why not just screw it to the stock? A lot easier and substantially more sturdy.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a cool little design! Got a video of it in action? I would love to see that.