Mini Pallet Organization Board Project

Introduction: Mini Pallet Organization Board Project

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This mini pallet organization board is an artful way to stay organized! All you'll need to create your own is a wood pallet, decorative wrap or paper, clothespins, and basic crafting supplies.

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Step 1: Prep Your Pallet

Start by staining a wood pallet with a dark brown wood stain, or alternatively, use brown acrylic paint. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 2: Prep Your Paper

Carefully cut deco wrap into strips that are slightly smaller than the width of the pallets.

Step 3: Collage Pauge

Using Collage Pauge and a foam brush, generously apply the adhesive leftmost of the pallet's boards. Once the Collage Pauge is on the pallet, slowly and firmly press down your first strip of paper. Repeat this step for each of the pallet's boards, making sure to match up the designs as you go.

Step 4: More Collage Pauge

After each strip of paper has been glued down smoothly, paint a thin layer of Collage Pauge over the entire pallet.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Paint one side of approx 8 – 10 distressed clothespins with a color of your choice and allow the pins to dry for a few hours. Once dry, attach them to the pallet using a strong liquid adhesive like Diamond Glaze. Then add pieces of a coordinating colored paper or ecology index cards to use for making lists, notes, or writing quotes on the board. You can also add photographs.

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