Mini Paper Cannon.




About: hello, i'm a student of electronic and communication. i love making things which are easy to build, cheaper and create a deep impression on others.

**********i did not use any projectile in this video***************

Everybody think, Paper is a not very useful to make things which are strong, but this is not true. When you fold paper it become strong and you are able to make projects like cannon.

This paper cannon can be used as desktop show piece, or decor, but keep in mind that it works also. This paper cannon shoot small projectiles.

You are working with highly flamable material, so take care.
This instructable is only for enjoyment purpose, please do not missuse.
(This cannon is pretty powerful).
This project divided into 3 parts.
1) Cannon making.
2)Gun powder ( Cannon fuel )
3)Cannon fuse.
Lets start...............

Step 1: Item Required.

1) Cotton thread.
2) Plywood sheet.
3) 30 A4 size sheet.
4) Glue.
5) Bottle caps.
6) Nails.
7) 10 match Boxes.
8) Empty bottle.
9) Junk parts.( bracket, rod, hing part)

Step 2: Box .

Cut 4 piece of plywood. Dimensions are given in pictures.
Join them by glue or you can use thin nails .
####I make a hole in bottom, but you neglect it.( useless hole).######

Take 4 bottle caps, make holes in them and attach to cart by nail.


Step 3: Accessories.

Take a small length metal rod ,bracket, and a switch( junk part from trash).
Then fold the metal part as shown in picture.
Join metal rod to bracket by thread.
This thread also give a nice look to it.
Now join this accessory to box cart by glue.
Add thread to wheels so they donot pull out.

The hing part is used as stopper during firing.
So our Cannon Cart is ready.

Step 4: Cannon.

Take atleast 27 A4 size sheet.
Cut these sheet into two equal parts.
Now make a mixture of water and glue.
Roll sheet with the help of pencil, and paste them.
When you got about 2cm diameter of of paper roll , stop pasting and rolling.
Allow 2 days for drying.

Step 5: Remove Pencil.

Remove pencil with the help of plier. and you get a smooth barel of cannon.

Cut both ends of paper roll that gives a nice look.

Insert a cap to back side of barel with glue.


Step 6: Fuse Hole.

Make hole for fuse.

Step 7: Install Cannon to Cart.

Place cannon on cart and paste it with glue.


Step 8: Gun Powder or Fuel.

Go and buy atleast 10 match boxes.
Remove the black powder from sticks.
Grind and make fine powder by rolling of marker or you can use anything.
Collect this in a Bottle.
Your Cannon fuel is ready.

Step 9: Cannon Fuse.

Mix water and black powder into a bottle .
Add cotton thread into it. (use thick thread)
When thread absorb water and become black.
Remove thread and hang it for drying.

After drying,

take a small piece of fuse and ignite it.( it burns rapidly)

Step 10: Working

1)First place fuse in hole of cannon.
2)Add gun powder into it.
3)Press gun powder.
4)Add a small piece of paper and press.
5)Add projectile.
6)Fire and run away.



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    3 years ago

    I love all of the details. Thanks for sharing


    3 years ago

    nice build. I really like how you made it with everyday materials.

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