Mini Pen!

Introduction: Mini Pen!

Hey guys -- this is my first instructable, and a simple one, so be cool, honey bunny.

So. A mini pen.
As the name would imply, the aim here is to create a pen that is - you guessed it - smaller than normal.
I've done two, and i must say, it's thrilling.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures - product of crap camera with no manual focus -- I'll be getting a new camera soon so don't fret....

Check out the last step for a happy ending!

Step 1: Step One. You Obviously Will Need a Pen.

Here's what you need:

  • A pen; the simpler the better (no moving parts). Specifically, if you're salvaging multiple pens, you need a barrel, the ink tube, and the ballpoint tip.
  • Scissors/Xacto knife/pocketknife - Something to cut with. I suggest scissors for the barrel, the Xacto for the ink tube, and the pocketknife for, erm, looking cool...
  • A Sheet of paper. Partially for making sure that any ink doesn't get on your desk (if you care), but mostly for the post-mini pen mandatory doodle.

Step 2: Step Two: Separate Your Parts, Boys and Girls.

So now that you've got your pen in hand, it's time to be Dr. Frankenstein.

First, take apart the different parts of the pen and lay them out.

It's good to use a pen that is more than halfway out of ink, so that way you minimize your ink spillage (that's what the paper's for, tho.)

Second, cut off your desired length (and then get your mind out of the gutter), using whatever cutting implement seems most applicable..

Step 3: Step Three: Fit Your Ink to the Tubular.

Assemble your pen and make sure that you like the length.
This is where it's good to have an ink tube that's not full; when you cut off the excess you'll have the extra ink spilling and sticking and - inking.

Also, take out the end plug/cap- you'll need it soon.

When you're ready, cut off the ink tube so it's flush with the end of the barrel.

Don't worry if some ink comes out; it's not all going to leak because ballpoint pens use a vacuum to work, it can only flow out the point. Just wipe up the excess. With your fingers.

DO NOT, however, seal the end the ink tube with glue or tape. The pen won't work, because the ink can't flow without unequal pressure on one end. Found that out the fun way with the first pen I made.

Step 4: Step Four: Finishing Your Pen-ance.

I guess I'm making a mini-pun.

Anyway, the final steps are as thus:
Place the end cap in your pen. This is where the lonely glue makes an entrance; if you want, you can glue your cap in so it's finalized, or if it won't stay put. This white one didn't need it, but I thought I'd mention it.

The first mini pen I made is the blue one in the last picture. It's a little nicer; the tips screw in so I actually cut it in thirds and glued the ends together. meh.

Anyway, tell me what you think of this, my debut instructable, and what i can do to add to the next.

Step 5: BONUS!! Wooden Handle!!

So I got to thinking, these mini pens look a little boring -- maybe a cool handle would liven things up.

I happen to have this small piece of pine from an old campout that I'd been carving on. I decided to drill a hole in one end and stick the mini pen in. It helps if you just use the ink tube and the tip; otherwise you have to have a bigger bit and risk drilling too much out.
the way I have it now, I've got a tight fit and a smooth handle.

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    I made one of these in the fifth grade when I was trying to make a spit ball shooter.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hi good instructable. Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Indeed they are. Thanks for looking and commenting.