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A fun and easy craft to make that looks really cool and realistic when completed. This is my 3rd instructable and I'm very satisfied by the turnout. Hope you all enjoy.         Materials: *Six pieces of 1"x6" wood about a quarter inch thickness*Six popsicle sticks*Two large clothespins*Cardstock paper*Various types of glue(Wood, Extra Strong, and Craft)*Wood Finish*Tape*Brown and Red Sharpie   

Step 1: Assembling the Tabletop

Here I laid four pieces of wood side by side with the edges as straight as possible. Then I cut a piece of the cardstock paper slightly smaller than the wood. This will allow all the pieces of wood to grab on to the same surface and so I didn't get glue running through the cracks to the good side.

Step 2: Assembling the Main Supports

Now with the clothespins, remove both pieces of wood from the spring on each of them. Then determine the angle or the height at which your table will sit.  Mine was about 30 degrees or what looked about right. Glue the two pieces of wood together at the right angle and make sure they both match up or you will end up with an unbalanced table.

Step 3: Making the Accesories

Every picnic table needs a tablecloth and a basket! The basket is made out of two rectangular shaped pieces of cardstock paper. Then a smaller rectangle on the top as a handle. The tablecloth is a square piece of cardstock, I measured out squares then colored them in like a checkerboard.

Step 4: Finish Wood

Now stain and finish the wood. I used a finish that had a Golden Oak tint to give the wood an older look. Also I painted over the tablecloth and basket to make it make and not stand out too much.

Step 5: Connect Supports and Glue Them to the Tabletop

Glue two popsicle sticks together and when dry, glue the two supports together.  Now flip the tabletop over and try to glue the support in the center. Then again glue two more popsicle sticks together and attach the side that has none. 

Step 6: Benches

Now glue two popsicle sticks equal distances apart on the top of the bottom support as shown. Then attach the larger pieces of wood so that they are wider than the tabletop. Now wait until it is dry and take a photo shoot!  

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    Thanks, I'm new to Instructables and I wasn't sure what to expect when I posted this but I'm glad people seem to like it!

    You're welcome! I'm sure you'll come up with more creative ideas & instructables is definitely the right place. voted for your ible in both contests, best of luck and welcome to instructables :)