Mini Ping Pong Altoid Game

Introduction: Mini Ping Pong Altoid Game

I made these mini games entirely out of paper to begin with, and it worked out great. Now everything but clay and wood is made of paper. The net specifically.

It is really fun to make and play. Easy and cheap. And it is very durable as well

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Step 1: Materials

Paper cutters
Styrofoam board
Popsicle sticks (colored)
Hardening clay
Altoids container
Thin dowels (5mm)
The poster glue, or the sticky stuff that you can stick places and then remove and restick places
Needles (4) (sewing)
Bouncy ball

Step 2: Paddles

1. I used blue and red foam paper (I think it's called) to make the paddles, you cut out four pieces that a paddled shaped 5cm long and 5cm wide

2. Cut two pieces of foam board out that are the same shape and the paper

3. Glue the three pieces together

4. Take the Popsicle sticks and cut 3mm from the top, make 4 of these

5. Cut two pieces of foam board out that match the Popsicle sticks.

6. Glue the 3 pieces together

7. Take two of the needles and pole them in to the paddle board and the make two more holes in the handle board, then stick the two pieces together

Step 3: The Net

1. First cut square out f 17 mm long piece of paper to make the shapes of a net

2. Cut a 5.5 mm long piece of straw com an average sized straw

3. Cut two 9mm long wooden dowels

4. Form two stands
Roll up a small piece of clay
Stick the dowel in it
Smash the clay down to about 1mm in height
You put the poster glue on the bottom of the stand once it has hardened

Step 4: Folding

1. Lie the dowels down diagonally and the pins

2. Net- fold in half then lie flat on the bottom of the tin

3. Paddles- on far side opposite the net

4. Put handles between straws and paddles

5. Put stands between straws and tins

6. Put bouncy ball in empty space

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