Mini Pizza Step by Step-Video

Introduction: Mini Pizza Step by Step-Video

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Today I'm gonna show you how to make mini pizzas with different toppings. Simple but amazing recipes for children by Angie.

Full Video Step by Step instructions HERE


-600grams flour

-50grams yeast

-100ml sunflower oil

-400ml warm water

-1 spoon salt

-1teaspoon sugar

-garlic powder


-baked,chopped chicken breast

-chopped bavarian ham


-tomato and garlic puree

-italian seasoning mix

-grated chees

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Step 1: Lets Start

Put the dough ingredients in a ball

Step 2: Mixing

Mix with your hands

Step 3: Roll

Roll out the dough

Step 4: Shapes

With a plastic cup make small circles

Step 5: Baking Tray

Place the pizza bases in a own tray with own paper

Step 6: Sauce

Put the ketchup or tomato sauce on the pizzas

Step 7: Toppings

Place you shoose of toppings on the pizzas

Step 8: Bake

Put it in the owen for 20 minutes on 180C

Step 9: Pizza Time


Step 10:

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    13 days ago

    I used to have mini pizzas for my birthday parties! They are always fun to make :)