Mini Plasma Cutter

Introduction: Mini Plasma Cutter

Effortlessly cut through foil. Only using things you could find at your home

Step 1: Get 4 Nine Volt Batteries

Step 2: Connect the Batteries Like This

Step 3: Get Tin Foil

Normally found in your average kitchen

Step 4: Fold the Edges Down to Make a Stand for Its Self

Step 5: Get 2 Wires With Crocodile Clips on

Step 6: Find a Pence and Snap It in Half

Step 7: Get the Led From the Pencil

Step 8: Connect One Crocidile Clip to the End of the Batteries and on the Other End of the Wire Connect the Crocodile Clip to the Lead

Step 9: Connect the Other Crocodile Clips to the Tin Foil and the Other Side of the Batterie



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    7 Discussions

    "Led" From a pencil? Did you mean "Lead"?

    Pencils have graphite in them...

    That would be a good idea to use to etch metal if you turned the power down

    2 replies

    i would not recommend that, i tried it with a solid aluminium piece, and because none of the alum melted away, there was constant contact, the lead heated up so much it exploded, landing on my hand. not a fun experience

    or you could just use a scissors.

    Take it from a welder of twenty seven years that is not a plasma cutter. That is a CARBON ARC. Plasma does not use carbon in any form, it uses gas electrified and turned into a Plasma then under pressure blows the metal away so fast that the surrounding metal hardly has time to get hot. If you put a piece of glass between two pieces of ferreous metal and start cutting before you get to the glass you can cut it.

    Cool! I might need to try this with a heavy duty bench power supply.