Mini Playground Necklace

Introduction: Mini Playground Necklace

Step 1: Pieces

Thin dowels (I used 5mm)
Paint (any colors you want, I think it would look good with only three- red yellow and blue)
Fake grass (you could make your own, but I got mine from one of those landscape samples, and then I trimmed it down)
Thin wire
Cloth tape
Super glue

Step 2: Cut Dowel

Depending on how big you wanted it to be depends on how long you want the dowels to be.

6 1 inch long dowels
4 1/2 cm long dowels
2 1.3 inch long dowels
2 .7 cm long dowels

Step 3: Painting

Make sure to paint before you glue the pieces together

Step 4: Making the Ladders

You really want to glue on each piece individually, I used fast drying super glue, but hot glue would work also.

First put a small amount about 1cm from the top of one of your 1inch long dowels then press a 1cm piece to it.

Repeat on the other side and then glue on another 1 inch long piece. This will make the vertical ladder.

Make two of these, and glue the second one to the top of the vertical ladder (making a horizontal one as well)

Step 5: Making the Rest

Glue the 1.3 inch long piece to the end of the horizontal ladder

Glue the .7 long pieces to the top of the horizontal ladder

Glue the second 1.3 inch long piece to the very top of the vertical ladder

Step 6: The Pull Up Bar

Form the pull up bar by molding little hooks around your dowel. Glue the hooks down.

This should go on the end the was attached to the horizontal ladder.

Step 7: The Rope

To make the rope, first tie it onto the dowel (glue down if necessary), then tie small knots in the rope (make sure to put one on the very bottom.

This should go on the end that is glued to the vertical ladder.

Step 8: Putting It All Together

You'll want to glue the pieces together in the shape of a jungle gym

Cut out grass (or make some yourself) and glue to the bottom.

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    6 years ago

    Is that a playground for ants?!?! Cool