Mini Portable Dehydrator




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today i eill be making a mini portable food dehydrator for prepping and storing food.

Step 1: The Box

im using a small pencil box i made in school, it has a sliding lid crevice for opening. i will explain the use later.

in your box add a fan on the side tgat the lif slides out of. this leaves a gap for the Ur to come out on the other side.
then drill holes for your fan to blow through.

Step 2: The Fan

the fan holes provide air to get rid of any moisture and push it the the openibg i b the lid.

Step 3: Lining

every time you use a dehydrator you should always use a lining to prevent hard cleaning. using foil is cheap and easy.

Step 4: Wiring

i just cut a USB and conected it. the fan can take a bit of power but you can add a resistor if you want.

Step 5: Done

have fun and feel free to ask me anythi g. happy preppi g



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