Mini Portable Fan

Introduction: Mini Portable Fan

The summer is coming very soon and that means that the hot days are usual.The summer is great but the intense heat is sometimes a problem.
To enjoy the summer I've decided to build my own portable fan.
This instructable is very easy and perfect for those hot days.
Hope you like it.

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Step 1: Materials Required

You'll need:
-A small metal box
-A motor
-A switch
-Batteries(2 AA)
-A plastic cup
-Insulating tape

Tools :
-Hot glue gun

Step 2: The Circuit

You'll need to connect the batteries to the switch and then to the motor with the appropriate wires and poles.Use the insulating tape to connect everything
Check it works well and make sure it moves to the right.

Step 3: The Box

For this step you'll need the metal box.With the drill make holes in the box, where you want to put the motor and the switch.Make sure everything fits perfectly.
If you want you can decorate the box with the markers.

Step 4: The Fan Blades

With the scissors cut the plastic cup to make the blades. Cover the edges with hot glue so they are safe and you don't cut with the sharp edges. Paint it if you want.

Step 5: Assembling the Fan

Put inside the box all the circuit and glue it. When you have put everything in the right place check the motor still works well and glue the blades with the motor. Bend each blade to the right so the air moves in the right direction.
Enjoy it and have a great summer.

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