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About: I am a maker from india.started making things from age of 6 .Technoenthusiast

This is my new project.Its a portable mini boombox powered by two lm386 chip and pair of 8ohms 3watts speaker.hope you like it .you will need two speaker, self build Lm386 amplifier ,wires,battery clip and adapter and piece of cardboard .

Step 1: Step 1

This boombox is very easy to build.I started of with a carboard pieces and constructed a box as per my prefered size and shape and attached two speakers to it .Then i build my amplifier circuit by following the schematic in the image thats it.Attached a adapter ,battery connector to the circuit and assembled alll together in my cardboard box

Step 2: Final Step

Paint job Thats it .Your boombox is ready and can fill a room with sound .It is loud upto 106db.hope you like my small instructable.

Step 3:

Please go through the video....hope you like share ,like,comment and go through my other projects...thankyou



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