Mini Potato Cannon

Introduction: Mini Potato Cannon

Step 1: Materials-

•Medicine Bottle •Marker tube •Lighter •knife/drill •Tape •Electrical tape will be better

Step 2: Cut Your Marker

You know will just have to tube part.

Step 3: Igniter

Remove the igniter from a lighter!

Step 4: Drilling

You need to make one hole on the bottom of the medicine bottle and make sure your marker can fit nice and snug.

Step 5: Wiring Igniter to Bottle

You want to put the two wires close to each other so that when you ignite the button you will see a spark

Step 6: Taping

Tape everything in electrical or regular tape so that everything wont fall apart. You will also want to tape the wires to the bottle so it wont get annoying!

Step 7: Loading and Firing

You will need hairspray or any other flammable content. For the load you can use a potato or apple anything you want it to shoot! One little spray of hairspay into the bottle will do!

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