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Introduction: Mini Powerbank 8000 MAh

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Hi guys! I made a big powerbank a couple of weeks ago, its perfect to have in my schoolbag as backup, but little to big to have in the pocket, so i decided to make another smaller one.
This one is can also be customized with different lids if you get tired of the design, with a capacity up to 8000 mAh. There is an assambley-video step-by-step on the youtubechannel.


Gluegun -
Solderiron -
Solder helpinghand -
Cutting Plier -
3D-printers -

Bill of materials:

Batteryholder - (2,5$)
Batteries 4000 mAh - (13$)

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Step 1: 3D-print the STL´s

You will need a bottom, a lid and a powerbutton, you can find everything here or at thingiverse:
I printed it at 20% honeycomb-infill PLA.
I used Support for the minibottom part, the other ones no support.

Step 2: Solder the Battery Holder

Make sure you got a Parallell circuit with your batteryholder. Like in the picture, else you will burn the PCB due to high voltage!

Step 3: Solder

The USB-PCB card to the batteryholder, Bta+ (Red) and Bta- (Black).

Step 4: Assamble

First insert the 3D-printed button, then the PCB and battery holder.

Step 5: Glue

Make sure everything works and glue everything where it belongs.

Step 6: Lid

Put the on the buttom and tight the 4 x M3 screws 10 mm.

Step 7: Finnished!

You have complete you Powerbank build, hope you had fun during this tutorial!

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Perfect and easy to do.

    Techno craft
    Techno craft

    3 years ago

    how you use the battery % display, and what parts needed?


    Reply 3 years ago

    read step one, bill of materials there is everything you need. just click the button and it will show how many % batteries.


    3 years ago

    Have you tested the amp hours of the batteries? A lot of the ones on Bang Good and other cheap import sites are usually well below their listed capacity. If memory serves, with current lithium battery technology, 18650 batteries can only have 3500 mAH capacity. Anything over that are greatly exaggerating the truth.

    With the two cheap parallel cells, my guess is that you are going to be closer to 3000 mAH, which is more than enough for a cell phone charger.

    It is really good that you use hot glue to cement everything in place. With the powerbank being tossed into backpacks, onto desks, etc., you need to keep components in place to prevent leads and wires from breaking. Well done.


    Reply 3 years ago

    you are absolutley right, its proberly not that much, but if it were it should been 4000 each, i have not tested it.

    Thank you for your feedback :)