Mini - Present Balloon Weights


Introduction: Mini - Present Balloon Weights

This is how to make some cute mini - balloon weights for a party.

Step 1: Create the Net

First you need to make a box 'net'. I made a 6cm cube from old cereal boxes. I found this cardboard the fight strength and flexibility.

Use graph paper to create perfect squares, cut it out, then use this stencil to draw around the cardboard

Step 2:

After the cardboard nets have been cut out, fix them together with strong tape, such as duck tape, leaving the lids open for now

Step 3:

Fill the boxes with clean rocks, then tape up the lids

Step 4:

Wrap the mini presents in paper of your choice (fix with clear tape),  then stick on a gift rosette in order to tie the balloons to.



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    Very pretty and useful! thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!