Mini Q-tip Launcher

Introduction: Mini Q-tip Launcher

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With this, you can shoot your siblings, friends, or just a target, and not cause real damage. It is a cheap pen gun that shoots Q-tips, and will only cost a few bucks at most to make. It is a good idea to be careful shooting these, as they are very powerful. (I am not responsible for injuries or damage to property!!!) Please be safe!

Lets get started!!!

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Step 1: What You Need

All you need is:

Electrical/duct tape

2 Cheapy pens you can get at you local grocery store, the kind that you just take the cap off of.

A rubber band

3 (or more) Q-Tips

About 15 minutes

The urge to have fun :)

Step 2: Preparing the Pens

Take apart the pens so that you just have the tubes. Save the other parts for later. Your pens need to be relatively long so that this can work.

Step 3: Next, Prepare Your Rubber Band

Make sure you have a nice strong rubber band. Tape it in the middle as shown, so that you have a sort of grip.

Step 4: Attach Your Band to One Pen!

Simply put on end of the band on one side, and the other on the other. Now tape them there. It is crucial that you wrap the tape tightly!!!

Step 5: Now Make Your Bullets

Take your three (or more) Q tips, and pull of the fluffy parts. You should be able to do this by hand, but it may be easier with scissors.

At this point your gun is is fully functional. Just put the Q-Tip in the pen, then pull back on the rubber band, pinching the Q-Tip with it, and release. You will be surprised by how powerful it is. Up next we will decorate/add a ammo storage slot.

Step 6: Add a Ammo Holster

Put your pens end cap from earlier back in the other pen, and cut the pen to slightly shorter than the length of a Q-Tip. Then Wrap the plugged end with tape, as now that its loser, it may fall out. Also this will look better.

Step 7: Attach the Ammo Holster to the Gun

This one is pretty self explanatory, just make sure it is easy to access it well holding your gun, and that it does not get in the way. Make the open end face towards the rubber band side.

Step 8: Wrap It in Tape

Also self explanatory. This will steady it, and make it look cool.

Step 9: Yes, More Tape!

Wrap it up more! Then you're pretty much finished.

Step 10: How It Should Look

Depending on the pen size, the holster will be able to hold 2-4 extra Q-Tips.

Step 11: How to Shoot

Just pinch the rubber band with the Q-Tip in between both sides in your fingers, pull back and release. Watch it soar!!!! Have fun! Also post pics of your pen guns in the comments! Thanks!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hope everyone has fun making this, modding it, and playing with it! Make sure to post your designs!