Mini Reader's Lamp

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Hi Everybody,

Did you Ever Whished a Lamp which is about only 7cm Long and 5cm width?
In this instructable you will be seeing a lamp which was made from a childhood 4$ game and some LED's.

Step 1: Get the Parts....

1. Mechanix Kids Engineering Game

2. (1) 3W Cool White led (without base - Less Price,heat sink base not needed because it will be stick to iron Plate, which will serve as a heatsink)

3. A white led ( as 3w LEDs are diffused so we need something to focus under lamp)

4. 1KOhm Resistor

Step 2: Attach the Parts...

I couldn't click a photo for set by step attachment of parts because I made it before publishing this instructable.

You can see the Photos to see where to attach the parts.
Start attaching the parts from bottom because after you will be attaching the LED's.

Step 3: Attach USB and Leds

Now, Attach the LEDs and Usb Wire.
Use Super Glue with hot glue for 3w Led because these LEDs while Working very HOT. ( First when I made this lamp the led I attach it with hot glue but when when I switched it on for 2 hours the hot glue melted and led was hanging down ;P so i used super glue)
:D .
Make the USB Wire go in and out from the Iron Plates and joiners. This make the wire tight so when ever you suddenly push the wire fast towards yourself then the circuit will not break.

Now attach a 1kOhm Resistor to 5mm led and 3w led Directly.

Step 4: Testing

Now, use a 5v USB Charger , Switch on and continue Reading at Night... :P

Any Questions regarding this instructable? - Comment your Question :)

Suggestions Appreciated.

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    Akin Yildiz

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have been building lights this way for a while now, check it out!