Mini Robot

Hi,I am hemanth from whitefield nook.Today i will show you how to make mini robot at home.



  • 9V battery
  • Battery clip
  • Switch
  • Motor
  • Wires
  • Paper clips
  • Glue sticks

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Step 1:


  • Take a 9v battery.
  • And connect battery clip to the battery.
  • And also take toy motor.
  • Fix it on the 9v battery.

Step 2:


  • Take wires and connect the wires to the motor.
  • And connect the other wires to the motor
  • And connect other wires to the switch and the motor

Step 3:


  • Take a connected switch and fix it on the beside of the 9v battery.
  • And use paper clip as a legs of the robot.
  • And fix it on the 9v battery.
  • Now the mini robot is ready.

Step 4:

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