Mini Sling Shot




About: Hello there, I'm CEH00 and I make K'nex models of whatever pops in my mind, if you people have any ideas on top of what ever I release tell me. I would love to hear what you people have got the say.

This is my K'NEX Sling shot

Step 1: Handle

This is the Handle

Step 2: The Arms

These are the arms that the elastic band attaches to

Step 3: The Rubber Band

knot the elastic band in the middle

Step 4: Arms & Handle

attach the arms onto the handle look at step 6 it will show you where they need to go

Step 5: The Ammo

this is the ammo that you use to shoot with

Step 6: You Are Done :)

This is the complete mini sling shot, enjoy!!!!!



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    4 years ago

    It's pretty cool but the arms holding the elastic look like they might snap.

    If only all the really simple ibles looked as neatly designed as this. Cool job. Maybe next time you could try and make something a bit more complicated. I'm sure you could do it. :3