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Solar Power begins its journey 1,000,000 years ago at the heat of the sun where matter is being to energy at a sub-atomic level.

The Sun's energy reaches the surface of the Earth with a power of one kilowatt per square metre(1.1 horsepower per square yard).

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Step 1: Parts Needed

1.Coroplast frame-to hold the solar panel,motor&axles.
2.Screw eyes-4nos.
3.Wood block-2nos.
4.a)Shorter axle shaft-holds two wheels.
b)Longer axle shaft-holds driven pully as well as two wheels.
5.Wooden wheels-5.
6.Tubing-to be cut into 4nos ,1cm pieces asin-lineshaft retains.
10.mounting clip-to hold motor firmly to body.
11.Elastic band.
12.Solar panel-1.5v,500mAmp.

Step 2: Making of Mini Solar Car

1)On the coroplast body use a push pin to mark four locations for screw eye (axle holder).You will want your axles to be parallel and running straight ahead-consider this as you mark the holes for the axle holder.
2)Insert screw eyes through coroplast and into wood blocks.If necessary,wider a starter hole for the screw eye in the wood with the push pin.When screwing in the screw eyes,you can use a dowel as a level to make turning easier.
3)Ready to receive axles.
4)Select the shorter axle and two wheels.
5)Using sandpaper,very lightly sand the end of the dowel,and insert into wheels.
6)Snippets of tubing are used as "in-line shaft retainers".Cut four small pieces of lengths 1 cm or 1/4 inch.
7)Work the tubing piece onto the axle/shaft.
8)Slide the tubing down the shaft.
9)The"in-line shaft retainer"keeps the wheel from rubbing against the body.
10)With the axle in place through the screw eyes, slide another tubing piece onto the shaft and mount the second wheel.
11)Select the longer axle, two wheels, and the red pulley.
12)The small red pulley may require that the axle be sanded. To keep the dowel round,twist the axle in folded sandpaper.Do not stand off too much-the pulley must grip the axle firmly.
13.Slide the pulley onto the axle.(if the pulley is loose,try jamming a piece of masking tape under it,or use a glue gun.
14)Attach a piece of tubing and a wheel.If the wheel is loose,you may use wood glue or white paper glue to hold it.
15)Mount the driven axle, slide on another piece of tubing,and the last wheel.
16)Place the motor(with motor pulley attached)into the motor clip.
17)Attach the motor clip to the body of the car with a small piece of double tape.
18)With the elastic band drive-belt around the driven pulley and the motor pulley,position the motor clip so that the elastic band has an easy tension-not too loose,and not too tight.
19)Attach the alligator clips of the solar panel to the two metal terminals at the back of the motor.Solar panels produce direct current electricity.Note that reversing the connections at the back of the motor will reverse the direction of the motor's spin.
20)Run in the Sun!try holding the solar panel on tighter with a small piece of scotch tape or velcro. You can as well,using recycled materials,design a movable holder for the solar panel,to let it turn toward the Sun.

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