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Introduction: Mini Solar Phone Charger

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This project is a mini solar phone charger. You can charge up your phone with a solar panel generating of about 1.5v to 2v.

Just go through the steps and i am sure you would find it very easy to make.

Remix version of:

But here i have used much compact solar panel.

Step 1: Gather Materials!

1. Mini Solar Panel

2. Duct Tape

3. 1N5817 Schottky Diode

4. 470uF Capacitor

5. 5v Step Up Converter

Step 2: Something About Solar Panel

This mini Solar panel generates of about 1.5v to 2v which is of course not enough for phone but go through cicuit diagram to make this suitable to charge your phone.

Step 3: Affixing Panel

Affix the panel to your phone with the help of Duct Tape.

Step 4: Create the Circuit!

Follow the circuit diagram.

Here firstly, voltage regulator circuit is there which is made with the help of a schottky Diode and Capacitor. The it is connected with 5v Step up converter which will convert voltage from 0.7-5v to 5v. This makes your phone charges.

Now, your hardware is ready to make your phone charge.

Step 5: The Final Step

Just connect the data cable from DC-DC Boost Converter to your phone and it will make your phone charge in seconds.



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    that size of solar cell not give 1 amp.

    If you increase the voltage the current will decrease


    1 reply

    you used packaging tape, not duct tape in your images.

    i have got it from solar robotics kit. It's a mini solar panel and can be found online.

    Congratulations to you and your team. What a great achievement!!!


    You may adjust the voltage but the current is not enogh to charge the phone

    2 replies

    5v 1A DC-DC Boost converter makes the power, multiplication of voltage and amps. suitable for charging phone.

    No, the converter boosts the voltage at the expense of the current. Your panel looks like it is a 0.1 watt 2 volt model. That means that the maximum current you'll get out of it is 50 milliamps. To get from 2 volts to 5 volts, the voltage is boosted by 250 percent, meaning that the current is reduced by 250 percent. This gives an output current of about 20 milliamps. An average smartphone has a battery of about 2000 milliamphours, meaning this charger would take about 100 hours to charge a phone, assuming there are no losses in the system at all, which is not true, so realistically, it would take at least 150 hours to charge a phone with this. Great for concept, but not for practice.