Mini Speaker Tester Using Cheap Chip (Unique Sound!)




Introduction: Mini Speaker Tester Using Cheap Chip (Unique Sound!)

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Back again with me Balsuryana! In this tutorial, i will show you a project about the speaker, the name is "Mini speaker Tester" and did you know, the price to make this speaker tester is under 5 $$!!!.

You just need to connect your speaker to this tester and if your speaker is works, it will make a unique sound!!. This tester can turned on using 5 volts battery or USB. The best things is you can borrow this tester anywhere because this tester is small and you can place it in your pocket!

So, lets make it!!!

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Step 1: The Ingredients,,,,

To make this mini speaker tester, you will needs:

  • A Chip
  • A brick toys like LEGO for the case
  • Male USB
  • 2 Screws
  • LED
  • Glue


  • Soldering iron
  • Knife
  • Screwdriver

Step 2: The Chip

For the chip I am using an old chip from old gun toys, because the toys is using this chip for the sound and LED. You can use any sound chip for this Tester. Ok next, we need to make the case.

Step 3: Make the Case

For make the case you need knife and screwdriver.

  • First, take your USB and place it in the Bricks (anyplace you want), and make a marks to the bricks;
  • Next, take your knife and cut the marks on the bricks like image;
  • Use your knife to flatten the inside of the bricks;
  • After you finish make the inside flat, take the two screws and insert it to the bricks using your screwdriver;
  • Make a hole for LED using screwdriver.

After you finish make the case, next we need to solder all the circuits.

Step 4: The Circuit

Because I am using old chip from toys, so this is the soldering step:

  • Unsolder all off the cables (except the two yellow wire because this is the speaker output);
  • Next, solder the circuit near the Capacitor to the USB (Up circuit = +5 volt, and down circuit = Gnd) [maybe your chip is not using 5 v, so if your chip is not using 5v you need to add Resistor],
  • USB (Left = Positive, Right = Negative).
  • Next, take the LED and solder the wire or roll the wire to LED, after that Im cover the cable using electrical tape.
  • Next, unite the two yellow cables and to the LED cables (In this case, the output is not have polarity).

Next, we need to assembled all of the parts.

Step 5: Almost Done!!

Ok now we are in the last steps for make the Speaker tester. To finish the Speaker tester you need to do this step!

  • Insert the two speaker output wire to the hole for screw and now insert the screw using screwdriver, so the cable is pinned by a screw;
  • Next, insert the LED to the hole for LED;
  • Insert all of the component to the brick and glue the USB;
  • After that, i am using a transparent plastic to close the bottom of the brick, but you can use another brick for close the bottom.

And now you have your Speaker Tester with mini size!!!

Step 6: Done!!

How to test it???

  • Connect this tester to USB socket,
  • The LED will flashing,
  • Connect your speaker to the screw and "FIRE!!! FIRE!!!, FIRE!!! FIRE!!! DROP THE GUN, FIRE!!! FIRE!!! " the sound is like that because iam using old gun toys chip. If your speaker is not working or the volume is not loud , maybe your speaker is broken, so you need to fix the speaker.

Note: If all of the speaker is not working, you need to check the circuit because maybe the circuit is broken.

Thanks for look my works!, i hope you enjoy this!

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Thank you!!

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    3 years ago

    so nice , tiny and useful circuit , congratulations !


    3 years ago

    That's crazy but kind of useful. Cool. :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you very much


    3 years ago

    lol nice one. Lego cover?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes hehe.. For make the size small and light.
    Thanks for look my works