Mini Spud Gun




But this an't my idea.

Step 1: The Gun

It's pretty obvious.
you need...
tiny advil pill bottle
--2 tacks
-pen tube
-bbq ignighter(inside a utility lighter)
-electric tape

Step 2: Build

Cut the end off the pill bottle(the end without a cap).Stick in the two tacks into the bottle and make it so they almost touck(like a 3mm gap). Take a wired up ignighter and strip the ends and wrap them around each steel part of the tack and push down(if you dont know how to wire the ignighter too bad!).Tape the ignighter down to the bottle(make shure you can still press the botton).Wrap tape to the end of the pen tube so it snugly fits into the cut end of the bottle.Test for a good spark(rewire if it wont spark).

Put a bit of potato in the pen tube. spray a bit of hair spray in the screw end and put on the cap.

fire and enjoy

Ps. this is my 1st instructable tell me what u think.

Step 3: Original

Step 4: Nothing




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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Damn, i was playing with it last night and it self destructed. Did you know you can make a flamethrower from this and the fuel can? It's simple. spray a shot of fuel in the cannon, dont close the end, then ignite it. Then spray deodorant across the flames coming from the bottle.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    i used a m&m mini bottle and it doesn't seem to work does anyone know if there is a problem

    2 replies

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Pls do me a favor: anybody who does this... Do not use a 2 liter bottle instead of the pill bottle... Thank you

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    According to the diagram the ammunition/piece of potato is to the front of the barrel. If you'd like to gain more distance you can push it further down the barrel. Just a tip.

    3 replies

    Not necessarily. The farther it is pushed back, the more energy that is needed to push it down the barrel, thus the less energy that is left to project it. However, if you put it in the very front of the barrel, it would be very inaccurate. You simply have experiment and find a good place to push the projectile that's a good balance between distance and accuracy, it all depends on the shape and weight of the object.

    You're right, you may waste energy pushing it all the way down, but that would be your own fault for using a projectile that would not leave the barrel cleanly. I'll admit I don't use a normal mini spud gun a lot, but in my experience with advanced, scale spud guns so far it's best pushing it all the way down.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Or just use airsoft pellets, and put one of the stoppers that's normally in an airsoft gun, this way u don't need a ramrod. I did this, put a pistol grip onbit, and made it a shotty attachment for my panther a15.